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The VISTA Gateway Module (VGM) provides an interface between ADEMCO’s VISTA fire/burglary alarm system and ADEMCO’s PassPoint Access Control System.

Cross-functional user requirements such as card swipe to arm/disarm now become a simple reality. VGM by itself provides a Dialer for your PassPoint system to send Contact ID information to a central station.


  • 8- bit microprocessor.
  • EEPROM based configuration storage.
  • Echelon Network interface implemented with an Echelon transceiver.
  • An ADEMCO Expanded Console Protocol (ECP) port consisting of a four wire interconnect: power, ground, data transmit, and data receive.
  • An ADEMCO Contact ID Dialer interface uses the ADEMCO Contact ID report format to communicate with a central station.
  • VGM allows existing central station automation equipment to accept and recognize access control related events and differentiate them from burglar and fire alarm activities.
  • VGM accepts power from both VISTA panels and PassPoint systems so that in the event of a power loss on either system, the other can operate the VGM unit.

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